1st country : PERU !


On the 1st of April 2016 I will be flying out from Geneva Airport towards Madrid. Then from Madrid to Lima and to Cuzco. Altogether, it’s going to be a long 23 hour trip from Europe to Southern America.

I’m going to spend 4 weeks in Cuzco, I will be attending the Amigos Spanish School to take some Spanish lessons and I will be staying in a guest family. School is from Monday to Friday morning, 4 hours a day. I found this school on the Internet after a few searches and it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for ; a small school with not too many students. A certain amount of the money the students pay goes out to the kids in Cuzco to allow them to go to school. To book, I contacted the school directly: I didn’t want to go through a Swiss company as they would take a large commission.

At weekends I’ll go sightseeing. Apparently there’s a lot to do in the region and I still have to read my books and keep searching on the Internet. I will also wait till I get there so I can talk to people and see what they think I should do.

The things I want to do in Peru :

  1. Machu Picchu (OF COURSE) ! I’d like to do the Inka Jungle Trail to get there. It’s not only hiking, which suits me 😉 Activities like mountain bike, zip wire and rafting are also included so there will be some adrenaline and it’s a way to excel myself ! 😉
  2. Nazca Lines ! Those drawings in the desert have always interested me. When my dad first explained to me what it was, I went on internet to take a look if it was real.

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