March, a month holiday

The 24th of February was my last day in the office. Leaving my colleagues who have become friends throughout the years saddened me a bit, I must say. I really enjoyed working for the tourism of my region for the past 7 years but who knows, maybe I’ll be back one day 😉 Wishing all the best to the team and good luck with the projects of the company.

The day after, I attended my graduation ceremony with my dad and my two best friends, Marine and Maxime in Bern (the capital of Switzerland). In September 2014, I undertook some studies in tourism to get a federal diploma. It has been a year and half of hard work and I was really happy to get at the end of it !

I’ve also been enjoying the company of my family and friends. Beginning of March I went to the UK for 6 days to spend some time with my mum and my grandparents, which was relaxing and enjoyable. On the Saturday night, I went on my first night out in Manchester and went to a few pubs and a very nice jazz club with a friend, drinking cider and good Gin. Loved the atmosphere, it was a change from the usual nights out in my Swiss village.
CervinI’ve also spent a lot of time practising my favourite hobby/sport : skiing ! The weather has been stunning and the snow conditions have been absolutely amazing ! I’ve spent two days with my father in Zermatt. Skiing on the biggest ski resort of Europe and by the side of the famous Toblerone mountain : the Matterhorn (Cervin en français) with him is always a special feeling and I would like to thank him for sharing these moments with me. My dad is the most important person for me, he has always been by my side to help me to go trough good and tough times. I’m going to miss him so much during my trip but I need to prove myself that I can do stuff on my own and see how I will react to the different situations I’ll be confronted to.

On the 13th of March, I turned 25 and I had the most beautiful surprise birthday party. The whole evening has been a blast and I want to thank my friends and dad for organizing this party for me ! About 35 people where here to celebrate and there were quite a few of them that I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was great to see and party with everybody one more time before I leave. Unfortunately my friends from England didn’t have the opportunity to come but it doesn’t matter, I still love them 😉

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