Cusco, here I am !

So here I am, I safely arrived in Cusco yesterday (2nd April 2016) after a long 25 hour journey. My dad drove me at Geneva airport, it was quite hard to leave him (a few tears ran on my cheeks). Two hours later I was boarding on my flight towards Madrid, from there I took a long flight to Lima, Capital of Peru, this flight was delayed for 2 hours. From Lima, I had to go trough costums and I had to check my luggage again from the domestic terminal. At midday, I arrived in Cusco, my host family was waiting for me at the exit of the airport with my name written on a piece of paper. We took a taxi back to their house. Their appartment is nice and quite big. It’s a house full with women. The grandmother (Agripina), her daughter (Marushi) and her two little girls who are called Luana (7 years old) and Nicole (5 years old). They were all very welcoming and they are trying to make me feel the most confortable possible. On the first night, I went to bed at 8 o’clock (I guess I was slightly jet-lagged) I woke up at 7 o’clock the next morning.

For my 2nd day in Cusco, Marushi and the kids showed me where was the School I’m going to attend for the next 4 weeks. The school is 15 minutes walk away from the house and 2 minutes from la Plaza de Armas. Then I went for a stroll trought the streets towards the famous « Plaza ». When I got there, it was absolutely packed with people ! A military parade was on for the next 3 hours. The army, the police and a few politicians walked across the square. I took a few photos and went along. On the sides of the square there a loads of restaurants and shops. I stopped in a internet cafe for a drink so I could give a few calls and check on my messages and emails. By the way, I want to thank all my family and friends for their suportive messages they’ve sent me ! After my stop in this cafe, I walked a little hill and found a very nice square with a nice fountain which gives a nice view over looking a part of Cusco. I continued walking trough the streets and arrived at the famous San Pedro Market. I went for a look but didn’t buy anything, before that, when I was sitting on a bench on the plaza, a painter came over and made me buy a painting. First he wanted 50 Soles (15$) but I manage to bargain it for 15 Soles (5$) 😉


The climate in Cusco (at the moment) changes during the day, beautiful bluebird sky in the morning and warm (enough to walk in shorts and t-shirt), in the afternoon the clouds intend arrive. In the evening it gets quite chilly, a good polar jacket is needed.

Tomorrow (Monday) I’m starting my spanish courses. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll hopefully be able to have a simple conversation with my host family and the people in Cusco by the end of the week, eventough a lot of people can speak a little english. I’m also looking forward to meeting other travellers and making new contacts and friends.

Until my next post, Hasta Luego !

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