Valparaiso, the street art city

The city of Valparaiso is situated on the Pacific coast, an hour and a half’s bus ride from from Santiago de Chile. It’s the country’s main port and the most important and it’s Chile’s second largest city in terms of population. The historic city, the hills of Conception and Alegre are part of UNESCO national heritage sites. Valparaiso is spread out over 42 hills. Old funicular trains allow people to get to the top of the different hills very easily; the oldest was built in 1853 and still runs today.

With Christine and Christophe we arrived in Valpo on Sunday June 19 by bus from Santiago. We went straight to the hostel we’d booked the day before: Casa Valaparaiso. It was cheap, with comfortable beds, an awesome breakfast and very friendly staff.

Valparaiso is well known throughout the world for its street art which you’ll see on a majority of houses in the city centre. There are thousands of paintings everywhere. Artists from the entire world come here to paint. The day after we arrived, we went on a guided walking tour through the streets of and saw some of the city’s wonderful art which is the main reason I came to Valpo, I love it !

The next day we wandered around the city and went to buy some fresh fish to cook in the hostel in the evening – that’s the second reason I came here. On the menu we had merluza cooked in the pan with tomatoes, onions and jacket potatoes. Very tasty

Wednesday was the day we had to say goodbye to each other. Christophe left for Santiago late afternoon and Christine at around 8 pm. I decided to leave the next day and stay an extra night in Valpo. I did feel sad to leave them because we’d spent two incredible weeks together and had such a great time together ! We laughed a lot and all three of us were on the same wavelength.

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