El Chaltén, Mount Fitz Roy

On July the 14th, my dad and I went on a day excursion to the village of El Chalten situated 240 km north of El Calafate. We’d previously booked a taxi for the day which cost 3000 pesos. Our driver, Sebastian who was really nice came and pick us up at our hotel at 8 am.

It took us about two and a half hours to get there. First, we went to the Ranger’s Office to collect some information about the hikes we could do in the region. We chose the hike to the Laguna Capri to see the famous Fitz Roy, one of the emblematic mountains of Argentina.

Sebastian drove us to the start of the trail which was on the other side of town. We started hiking through the snowy trees. It’s a good, scenic trail and it’s not that difficult.  It took us about an hour and a half to get to the Laguna. The Fitz Roy is the reward when you get to the top as you do not see it before. 200 m away from the goal, the summit came into sight, slightly hidden by some clouds but when we got to the Laguna the view was almost perfectly clear. The scenery around la Laguna Capri was magical. The whole lake was frozen and as it had snowed the night before everything was white.

As the Laguna was in the shade, we walked to a sunny spot to eat our picnic with a one million dollar view. It was amazing ! We didn’t come a cross a lot of people which was great. It was just us and the mountains !

We then walked back to the car on the same trail. Sebastian was waiting for us where we started. We then walked to a lovely waterfall located 15 minutes walking distance away from the road.

Everything was combined to have another beautiful day in the mountains. Blue sky with a few clouds, sunshine, snow… Like in a dream !

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