Salta and its surroundings

I arrived in the northern city of Argentina, Jujuy by bus from San Pedro d’Atacama which turned out to be a 12 hour trip instead of nine.

On Thursday August 11, I took a bus from Jujuy to the village of Purmamarca which is located about an hour away to the north. This village is small but it’s very touristic as it has a special mountain, el Cerro de Siete Colores. Rather like the Rainbow Mountain I saw in Peru but less impressive.

I arrived in the village of Purmamarca and went to the tourist office to get a map for the hike. It’s a 3 km hike around the mountain, very easy with no difficulties. It was very warm: I think it’s always like this, probably hotter in summer. On the trail there are different view points over the valley and of the mountain. The colours are very nice and very distinctive from each other. From purple to red passing to green and pink. After my little hike, I went to have lunch, very much looking forward to a Parrilla. I stopped in a restaurant where they had a lovely terrace with live music and a good lunch offer. Two French guys that I’d met a day earlier at the bus terminal in San Pedro joined me for lunch. After that I took the bus back to Jujuy, bought my ticket for Salta the next day and had a little walk in the city centre.

On Friday morning I left for Salta, the capital of the province – a two hour bus ride from Jujuy. I directly went to my hostel and then for lunch on the main plaza. The next day I hiked up to the Cerro St-Bernardino. I climbed 1,700 steps in the strong sun to the top of the mountain with a very beautiful view all over the city. At the summit, there is a very nice little park with waterfalls and a statue of Jesus. I decided to have a sandwich on the terrace of the restaurant in the sun which was very enjoyable. I then hiked back to the city. For those who do not enjoy hiking, there’s a cable car that takes you to the top of the Cerro from the city.


In the evening, I went for diner with two people from my hostel, Maria from Finland and Ita from Israel. We then had a bottle of wine in the bar district. The weather allowed us to stay on the terrace as it wasn’t cold. It was a chilled evening and I think it’s cool to go for dinner with total strangers that you might never see again, it makes it special I think.

On Sunday, I was leaving for Córdoba in the evening so during the day I went to explore the streets of the city. Salta is called “Salta la Linda” which means “Salta the pretty”. And it’s true, it’s one of the nicest cities I’ve been to during my trip. The buildings are built in a colonial style. There are also some orange trees on the streets, which brings a nice touch of colour. The weather was gorgeous while I was there, blue sky, sunshine and warm. Everything I wanted.


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