Sacred Valley of the Incas

On Saturday 9th April, my friend Sara (from school) and I went on an expedition to the Sacred valley of the Incas which starts in the town of Pisac. This little town is situated 1 hour from Cusco on the bus. The bus stop is just outside the house so it’s very convenient. The trip cost us 4 Soles (1$) and we sat next to the driver so we had a good view on the windy road (which I appreciated as I was feeling a little bit sick in the morning). The driver was really nice to us, he spoke to us and explained about the places we passed through.

The first visit we wanted to do was above Pisac so we had to take a taxi to the entry of the site. Initially, we wanted to hike back to Pisac which would have taken us about an hour and a half, but we didn’t know that the path was closed until we got half way up the road. The taxi driver offered to wait for us but we had to pay the return journey as well which cost us a total amount of 50 Soles (15$) for the both of us.

We finally arrived to the entry of the ruins of Pisac. The entry is included in the tourist ticket and the site is apparently bigger than Machu Picchu. We had one hour to visit the ruins so we started our hike and climbed up to the top of the mountain (3’514 m) on which the ruins are built. The site is amazing, there are many terraces and many ruins of houses. The views from every direction are beautiful !

After the visit, the taxi took us back to Pisac so we could take a bus to Urumbamba, the centre of the Sacred Valley. We ate lunch in this little town in a nice restaurant “El Huacatay” which had a lovely garden is the shade. I had ravioli stuffed with sweet potatoes and a coca sauce which was delicious !

From Urumbamba we took a minibus towards the next ruins at Ollantaytambo.

The village of Ollantaytambo is lovely and I wished we had more time to visit or maybe even stay a night. The ruins are situated on the edge of the village and they are very impressive ! To climb up the terraces, there is only one way : the steps and there are a lot of them ! We started our ascent and climbed as far as we could go to. The view from the top was great. From one side, we could see the village and from the other, mountains and glaciers. We walked around the whole site then we went back down. Some of the steps were quite steep so I took my time. At the bottom, more ruins to visit and two alpacas chewing grass.

After that we took a bus back to Cusco which cost us 10 Soles (3$). We took the same road back as when we went to Moray. The landscape was still beautiful but after this long day of walking, my eyes closed for a bit during the trip. We arrived in Cusco around 6pm and we had to walk back to the house. When I got back home, surprise : the water was cut in the whole city so I had to wait until next morning to get a shower… Luckily, I still had a bit of water so I manage to wash a minimum.