Salineras de Maras and Moray

I got out of Cusco for the first time on Friday afternoon and I wish I’d done it earlier ! Getting out of the pollution of the city and breathing fresh mountain air was so good ! So, with Olivia and Sara we went to the “Salinas de Maras” and “Moray”.

We took a mini bus from Cusco and paid 6 Soles (2$) for a one hour trip to El Ramal. As Cusco is situated in a basin, the bus drove over steep hills to the top of the city and down the other side. At the top, the view over the city is beautiful. In the countryside the scenery is just AMAZING ! The mountains and fields draw themselves all around. The colours of the very green grass, the reddish earth and the yellow flowers mix well together. The contrast between the clouds and the sun gives a very special light which I have rarely or maybe never seen before ! In the background there are high mountains with snow on top (I was so happy to see snow even from a distance).
When we got to the place where the bus dropped us off, we took a taxi to the “Salinas de Maras” (20 minute journey). The entry fee is 10 Soles (3$) and the site stretches over 4km where there are about 4,000 basins of salt of various colours. We went on our own without a guide and walked along the narrow path. You have to look where you put your feet and be careful to not to fall down and land in one of these basins – which would probably hurt. We visited the site for about an hour, then the taxi brought us to the next site (20 minute journey).

We arrived in Moray and there I bought a “boletos touristicos” (does not include the entry to the Salineras) for 130 Soles (38$) which is valid for 10 days and for 13 sites around Cusco. Moray was discovered in 1935 and the view from the top is beautiful. There’s a path down to the first terrace. The path which leads to the middle of the terraces is a little tricky. Moray is built in circle and each terrace is about 1m80 high; to get to the central part, you have to take these steps which are a certain distance from each other and you must have good balance. The way down is quite easy but the way up takes a lot of energy. My advice : walk slowly and at your own rhythm as the altitude is high (3’500 meters).

The taxi dropped us at the bus stop. The whole taxi tour cost us 20 soles each (6$,) then we waited about 15 minutes for the next bus to Cusco which cost us 4 soles (1$). The bus trips are so much fun, I love taking these typical Peruvian buses; not many tourist but many locals, it’s a nice atmosphere and I’m looking forward to my next trip !