Buenos Aires, my love

If you like cities, Buenos Aires should definitely be on your list ! I spent a couple of days there and I loved it, I would have stayed longer if I could. It’s the kind of place you just don’t want to leave and I’m pretty sure I will come back one day. Walking through the streets, everywhere I … More Buenos Aires, my love

Around la Serena

On Tuesday August 2, I left Santiago (which I hope I’ve visited for the last time during this trip) to go to La Serena which is located 6 hours north of the capital. In the evening I met Hayley who is half French and half English like me and apparently her aunt lives the next village from … More Around la Serena

Salar de Uyuni trip

Thursday June 9, I left Potosi with three new people I’d met in the hostel : Barbara from Brazil, Christine from Germany and Christophe from Mauritius. We took the bus to the city of Uyuni, a four-hour journey. Uyuni isn’t the most interesting city; we needed to get there for the start of our three-day … More Salar de Uyuni trip

It’s worth a Potosi

On Tuesday June 7, I travelled from Sucre to Potosi with my English friends, Alice, Chris and Ian, who I’d met about a week earlier. The four-hour long bus trip costs 20 Bolivianos per person. Luckily, the road is good, with asphalt all the way up to the Altiplano. Potosi is the highest city in the world situated at 4,060 m above … More It’s worth a Potosi

The city of Sucre

The white city of Bolivia, Sucre, reminds me of Arequipa in Peru because of the architecture. In the city centre, all the buildings are white and built in a colonial style. Sucre is situated at 2,750 m high and is the constitutional capital of Bolivia. La Paz is the administrative capital and seat of government. The climate … More The city of Sucre